About Us

As travelers ourselves, we know that traveling responsibly is important, and we work hard to give back to the places and people that have inspired our company from the very start. Their success is our success. This philosophy is built into our everyday operating standards, built into our partnerships and follows us in our independent sustainable projects. This means that each component of your trip has been researched and chosen to support our commitment to giving back and providing you with a great adventure. Adventure Life enforces "Leave No Trace" principles in our choice of accommodations and our waste management, minimizing impact at any sites or communities visited. Our local guides are thoroughly trained on the principles of "Leave No Trace" responsible travel.

Krakatau Wilds‘ team work are all young native people of Banten who are very professional, well-educated and great deal of experiences in tourism services either at the office or field experienced. We really love to share our deepest insight and huge experiences of our unique tradition, pure culture and beauty of nature to our clients who want to discover our hidden paradise islands. We have a high commitment to serve our clients wholeheartedly and as professional as possible with a high service quality to make our clients satisfied and achieve their real travel dream, as our motto is “CLIENT’S SATISFACTION IS OUR TOP GOAL”. Once you trust us to arrange your tour on Krakatau and beyond, you are on the right choice due to dealing directly with the native people who know well about the region. We also guarantee you to get the best tour price and provide the accurate tour information. It’s a great pleasure for us to welcome you as our honorable guest on Krakatau, Baduy Tribe and Ujung Kulon National Park to make your travel-experienced unforgettable and memorable.Assisting people who come to our world is our task and responsibility. As a native people we have a big responsibility to keep our nature of spoiled while continue to introduce our richness to another world. We welcome and assist you with smile. Smile that makes you feel at home and smile that makes you keep Flores in your heart. To assist you we form a team work that is competent and informative. We are composed of very experienced team; our tour operator, our guides, staffs and drivers. Many of us have been happily doing this job for about ten years. And some have been work for more than five years. We have undergone many experiences: good experiences to remember; unsatisfied experiences are teacher. Therefore your feedback is needed for development and improvement of our work. Finally we are able to build a good team work who ready to serve. We are honored to serve you dear guest and make your visit memorable.